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There was Zack and Slater, Doug and Skeeter, Corey and Sean, and Will and Jazzy Jeff. If 90’s television taught us anything it was that life is best navigated with a friend, and, evidently, so is business. 

Fresh Prints Studio was founded by pals Lis Sartori and Matt Ball in 2015 while sitting on a sandbar in coastal Georgia. Lis brings the creative juice, design skills, and extensive knowledge of useless 90’s pop culture, and Matt makes it all happen with a whole lot of brains and mega doses of wit and charm. Both have relied on help from their friends along the way. Giselle Rahn and Sarah Tolzmann are design managers and web geniuses without whom none of this would be possible.

Fresh Prints Studio makes hats, and sometimes pins. We love the 1990’s and celebrate eternal youth. 

Stay fresh ‘til death.