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Yo Denver! Fresh Prints Studio is now in town

Posted by Elisabeth Sartori on

Listen up Colorado, Fresh Prints Studio gear is now available in Denver! Abstract on S. Broadway and MegaFauna on Blake Street are two of the latest stores to carry Fresh Prints Studio. 

Abstract specializes in "streetwear, art, and local culture." The store is a huge supporter of local artists, designers and entrepreneurs, and since Fresh Prints Studio Co-Founder, Matt, is a Denver native, Abstract is a perfect fit. Some of our favorite items in the store are 40's and Shorties socks that feature tacos and Kim Kardashian crying ($12), and a "D.A.R.E" inspired "Denver Against the World" tee ($30).


MegaFauna is "on a mission to support the evolution of the conscious consumer culture through sustainable business practices and localized marketplaces." We can totally get behind that. They carry a wide range of products from art, to apparel and even "Jammie Packs," fanny packs with speakers ($49.95).

Megafauna Fresh Prints Studio