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A.C. Slater at Rydell High

Posted by Elisabeth Sartori on

We never thought we'd say it, but Fox's Grease: Live was freakin' awesome! The set was epic, the cast was on point, and there were surprises around every turn. However, the best part for us was when the one and only A.C. Slater (aka Mario Lopez) stepped on the stage in the role of Vince Fontaine. He looked as slick and smooth as he did in the 90's. Actually, he looked better. Seriously, does that dude age? You might not know it, but the reason one of our hats in the Spring/Summer 2016 collection is named "Later Slater" is because we always preferred the later version of A.C. Slater featured in Saved by the Bell. Mostly because his machismo and weird permed mullet had been tamed, need we explain more?

Oh, and did you catch the other 90's flashback of the night? Boyz II Men played Teen Angel and then our minds exploded.